Vince Henneburg, LCSW (He/him)

As a clinician, I start with the recognition that while all our ways of being may not always serve us well, they exist for a reason, and are a product of adversity and adaptation rather than a conscious choice we make, a pathology, defect, or hidden desire to sabotage ourselves or harm others. We have all been through a lot, often more than we realize. Navigating this is confusing. I’m here to help you do that in a way that helps you increase your sense of peace, cultivate greater trust in yourself, and strengthen your relationships with others.

As humans, we carry a variety of identities and live in a world that ranges from indifferent and judgmental to actively hostile to these parts of ourselves. Figuring out how to navigate this can be a lot. Therapy is a space to do that slowly and gently. Motivation is good, yet none of us grow by throwing ourselves into the deep end. I invite you to partner with me to move at a pace that works for you. I enjoy working with people who are new to therapy, have been in therapy for years, or who have given up on therapy, across a variety of issues and diagnoses. We have all experienced trauma and felt pain.

While I have a solid foundation in a variety of evidence-based interventions, I am most inspired by feminist, relational, anti-oppressive, and somatic lenses, which recognize that we are both able to change toward what we wish to become, as well as hold space for the parts of ourselves or traits we have developed in order to survive. Healing and growth therefore involve discovering who we desire to become and unlearning what has been dictated for us. It’s cliche, but it’s also true: therapy is a journey.

Prior to my time as DASC, I’ve worked as a high school and elementary school teacher, case manager for people living with chronic health issues, and community mental health therapist. Outside of work, I enjoy rock climbing, being a plant dad, reading, and doing my part to make the world a kinder, more enjoyable, less oppressive place.

If you have any questions about collaborating with me or would simply like to get a better feel of what I am like, I would be happy to schedule a free 20 minute phone conversation. Just send me an email:

Clinical Focuses:
Trauma recovery
Depression and anxiety
Overcoming shame, increasing self confidence/self trust
Relational trauma, identity trauma
OCD, intrusive thoughts
Relationship issues, sexuality
Substance use, addiction issues, processing psychedelic experiences
Self discovery and empowerment, Anti-Oppressive Practice
Teenagers, young adults (and their parents)

Insurance Accepted: BCBS PPO, BCBS Blue Choice PPO, Aetna PPO, Optum, Medicare, Sliding Scale When Applicable

Vince Henneburg, LCSW


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