Erica Goodman, PhD (She/her)

Values: Openness, Humor, Growth, Adventure, Passion, Helpfulness

I believe that effective treatment involves finding the balance between the art and science of therapy. That is, using evidence-based approaches and treatments in individualized and creative ways. I aim to create a supportive and validating space with my clients in order to engage in exploration and growth that only comes when we are willing to take a look at ourselves, identify our boundaries, and curiously step beyond them. While stepping into the unknown areas of our lives is often fear-inducing, I believe that fear often keeps us stuck: our coping works until it no longer does. Thus, I strive to walk along side my clients in order to be curious of their boundaries and what lies beyond together.

My clinical approach to therapeutic work stems from a conceptualization of underlying personality and, therefore, coping. Research on personality, temperament, and development has long showed us that aspects of what makes someone ‘themselves’ are innate (genetic) as well as shaped by their environment (family, society, location). Thus, I aim to help my clients identify their habitual coping strategies, their “go to skills,” in order to help them understand themselves better as well as identify their boundaries, the limits of their habitual coping styles. This allows us to work together to step into the unknown with their identified strengths to help work towards meaningful and effective change. Thus, I primarily work under the general Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT, including exposure and response prevention) umbrella, which encompasses Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and Radically Open DBT (RO-DBT): treatments designed for specific underlying coping styles. I continue to be active in trainings and consultations for these treatment modalities (individual and groups/classes) as well as strive to continue to identify my blind spots and improve my knowledge around diverse populations and effective treatments.

Education: University of Wisconsin – Madison, BA
University of North Dakota, MA, PhD

A bit more about me:
When there is not a pandemic, you will find me at as many live music events as possible! I love animals (I have a degree in Zoology) and trying new restaurants and foods. Yoga and walks around different neighborhoods in Chicago while listening to podcasts/music are what help me stay grounded.

Insurance Accepted: BCBS PPO, BCBS Blue Choice PPO, Aetna PPO, Sliding Scale when Applicable

Erica Goodman, PhD


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